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1 🏆 11 28:07 Female Redding, CA 5K
Cold first race after break, but thankful to get one out of the way, even with the hills.
2 🏆 12 35:00 Female Derry , NH 5K
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55:32 Female Edna, TX 10K
I'm happy I had the perfect weather for this run!

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 Edna, TX
In love with Nintendo & of course running 😬
 Derry , NH
Mom, wife, passionate about life and running. Be kind pay it f...
 Redding, CA
I love to inspire people to get fit and be healthy. I love ru...
 Norcross, GA
⭐️ 4
 Tampa, FL
🏆 17
 Auburn, WA
I started my running journey in 2008. Since then I've ran 100+...